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Shop a wide variety of coffee options including regular, decaffeinated, flavored, organic and other specialty coffees.

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Polcari’s coffee carries a variety of teas including bulk teas, herbal teas, and decaf tea options.

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Spices, Extracts & More

We carry well over 150 different spices, legumes, flour, grains, rice, extracts and more.

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About Polcari’s Coffee

Anthony Polcari started Polcari’s Coffee in 1932. The coffee shop was a dream of his since he came over from Italy at the age of twenty. Working as a pocket-maker at a local tailor’s shop, Mr. Polcari saved up to open his own coffee store on Salem St. in 1932. Polcari’s Coffee was a family owned business. Mr. Polcari’s wife Rose and children (Ralph, Anthony and Marie) all worked in the store, helping their father achieve his dream. Ralph soon took over the store from his father. Ralph did not have a son or daughter to work in the business with him. For a guy that didn’t have any children, Ralph created a family. Polcari’s Coffee was his family and livelihood.

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