Melanie D.
Brookline Village, MA

I needed a very obscure ingredient to make my Italian grandmother’s famous Christmas cake. I googled for it, and Polcari’s was mentioned on a blog three years ago as having it. Times change, ya know? So it was with a little bit of that expectation I was going to be disappointed that I went there. (While I was in line, I was very impressed by the way the clerks all knew the people in the neighborhood–and made sure to express their condolences to a customer who hadn’t been in for a few months because his wife had died.)

The item I asked for took a while for them to find, but sure, enough, they found it in the back room. They couldn’t have been nicer. Christmas was saved, and they even gave me a recipe to use the ingredient to make a liqueur out of. How cool is that?

Bill L.
Miami, FL

I can’t say anything that hasn’t already been said.  This place is a mainstay for me when I’m in the 617. Next time you’re there ask about the history of the place.

Kevin W.
Chicago, IL

Simply awesome.  I read a fellow yelper’s review and had to drop in for a visit.  This place has all sorts of stuff from fresh roasted coffee beans, spices to all sorts of supermarket goods like sauces, sausage, bread.. etc

But the coffee beans are where its at.  I couldn’t decide so I asked him what he recommended for a dark roast, and he said try the “Sambuca.”  So I bought a pound and had them grinded to coarse for my little Toddy Coffee cold brew.  The guy checked the bag and told me the beans were just roasted the day before, awesome.

I just cold brewed these beans and the result is amazing.  I know my cold brew makes exceptionally smooth non-acidic coffee, but the taste of this roast is fantastic.  I can taste a little bit of a charcoal undertone but with hints of spice/floral.. its not as “full” as I thought it’d be but it could be that I added too much water or milk.  I also forgot to ask them what region the beans are from.

I’ll have to ask the next time I visit, which will be very soon cuz this place is 5 stah!

Nancy Z.
Winchester, MA

So THIS is what all the raves are about…

I just got back from Polcari’s for the first time literally less than an hour ago. I don’t know very much about coffee, but I do know that I am in dyer need of it every morning.

As I walked through the cozy store, I browsed at all their products. Black & White Truffle Oil? Hello! A bag of lavender for 2 bucks? Hi =) A wall full of different types of coffee beans? I wish I had knew more about coffee at this point.

So how the hell did I end up home with eight different bags of coffee? Because the service was astonishing in the best way possible. The man behind the counter, oh how I want to be his friend, was nice, patient, knowledgeable, and enthusiastic. I asked SO many questions, I’m surprised he didn’t spit in the grinder when he ground the coffee beans for me. “This roast is more dense, bitter, and…etc,” or “that’s okay! Don’t worry about it! I have all the time in the world!”

Dude. You’re awesome.

Now, I have some motivation to wake up early before work/school and enjoy my time pondering and speculating which flavor of coffee I will brew; Snickerdoodle, Coconut, or the Top of the Andes (Peruvian Coffee) to get a quick jump in the morning. Great variety at great prices.

I paid $2.50 – $2.85 for a quarter pound of coffee, which he says makes 10-15 cups. Let’s say that amount makes 13 cups… I now have 104 cups of coffee happily waiting for me.

Dunkin’ Donuts… I have a feeling that I will be M.I.A. I will always have a place for you in my heart, but this will only occur when I’m out of Polcari’s.

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